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    What Charleston Property Managers Say About Rental Property Flooring

    Updated February 28, 2023 Often, property owners must fix holes in walls left by tenants after move-out. So if you're considering new flooring, repairing holes before installing new floors is an ideal time! ...

    By Charleston Property Company

    Charleston Property Managers Should Be Doing These 3 Things

    National vacancy rates for the third quarter of 2020 were 6.4%. That’s down about half a percent from the previous year, but up about three-quarters of a percent from the previous quarter—not bad at all ...

    By Charleston Property Company

    Choosing Neighborhoods to Invest in as a Charleston Property Owner

    While the old saying, 'You can’t choose your neighbors' may be true for residents, it doesn’t preclude real estate investors from picking who their renter may live next to. An area's appeal can be one of the ...

    By Charleston Property Company

    Setting the Right Rental Rate Starts With the Right Research

    Did you know? There is a wrong rental price for your property.  We don't want to stress you out, but setting the monthly rent for your North Charleston or Mount Pleasant investment properties as a property ...

    By Charleston Property Company

    Why You Should Invest in Charleston, South Carolina Rental Properties

    by Albert Fontenot January 15, 2015 "Over the past 14 years, rents have grown at twice the pace of income, due to weak income growth, burgeoning rental demand, and insufficient growth in the supply of rental ...

    By Albert Fontenot

    Landlord 101: 5 Tips for First-Time Charleston Landlords

    By Albert Fontenot April 28, 2015 For most first-time Charleston landlords, experience is the best – and most bitter – teacher. On the one hand, there is nothing like real experience to give you the knowledge ...

    By Albert Fontenot

    How to Compete as an Independent Charleston Landlord

      January 31, 2015 By Albert Fontenot "Charleston has been a great owner's market in the last several years, and those times are nearing an end. This new supply of apartments will have an impact on the ability ...

    By Albert Fontenot