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    Rental Management

    What Rental Property Maintenance Is an Investor Responsible For?

    Many investors use one of two rule-of-thumb methods to project annual emergency and routine maintenance costs. One way is to calculate anywhere from 1-4% of the value of the rental property, but this is a ...

    By Charleston Property Company

    Why Hiring Charleston Property Managers Is a Smart Investment

    Over 90% of real estate investors fail, and as many as 50% of property owners sell their investment within the first five years (according to recent statistics). Owning an investment property is not for the ...

    By Charleston Property Company

    Rental Property Maintenance Charleston Investors Need

    Success as a real estate investor requires a focus on maintenance and repairs for your rental properties. You won't find the renters you need or generate the income you want if your rental homes aren't in ...

    By Charleston Property Company

    How to Choose the Right Property Management Company in Charleston

    In 2018, there were over 280,000 property management companies in the United States. Choosing one that is right for your rental property and your needs as a property owner is a big decision. Finding the right ...

    By Charleston Property Company