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Owning investment properties is a fantastic way to build your financial wealth or bring in extra passive income. However—just as it is with any business venture—there are potential hassles that can make the job tiresome. From the many maintenance calls to the marketing of empty properties, owning investment properties can have its pros and cons.

When you choose professional services from one of the best Charleston property management companies, you ease the strain of being an investor. Excellent property management services are a critical component in ensuring you actually achieve the success you want when growing your portfolio!

Let’s look at the services you should expect when working with the best property manager Charleson, SC, offers.

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Rental Property Maintenance Done Right

Better tenant satisfaction and property values for owners.

Property owners not only rely on consistent monthly rental income but also need their properties to stay in pristine shape to improve property values.

Rental properties have short-term value (monthly rental income) and long-term value (profits from a sale)—but only if you maintain them properly. So delivering excellent maintenance services helps keep renters happy and improve property values to help you get top dollar for a rental property you sell down the road. 

In addition, the best rental property management Charleston, SC, offers handles all of the hassles that come with routine maintenance or emergencies. That means:


No more getting up in the middle of the night for a request that wasn't urgent after all.


No more renter texts or calls while you're in the middle of work.


No more missing out on your family’s special memories.

Charleston property management services provided by the right professionals not only manage these situations for you, but they also make sure you never need to hear about it if you prefer a hands-off approach. You experience more peace of mind knowing your properties are being well taken care of.


Thorough Evaluation Services

We keep an eye on your properties (so you don't have to).

In addition to ongoing rental property maintenance, scheduled evaluations at move-in, move-out, and during the lease term help us keep an eye on your property and renters.

Move-in inspections ensure that your property is ready for new tenants and includes a review of crucial components, a comprehensive evaluation, and hundreds of photographs to document the property's condition.

This includes a review of:

  •  HVAC- Filters
  •  Appliances
  •  Walls, flooring, and roofing conditions
  •  Exterior siding, decks, sidewalks, and driveways
  •  Garage condition
  •  Landscaping
  •  Plumbing

During the lease term, our property managers schedule routine property evaluations to ensure renters are following the lease. These inspections also help us catch potential maintenance issues before they become significant (and costly) repairs. 

After the tenant moves out, our Charleston, SC, property management experts conduct another evaluation and deliver a report to compare to the first to see if any damages were incurred on the property. 


Comprehensive Tenant Screening

Do property managers find tenants? Yes! We find the best ones.

Our property managers know that your goal is to find a tenant with the right qualifications, a positive rental history, and every indication that they'll pay the rent on time and take good care of your home.

A thorough screening process may seem unnecessary if you've been blessed with excellent tenants in the past, but it only takes one bad experience to realize that you're putting your properties and income at risk without a thorough screening process. 


Bad tenants often pay their rent late—or sometimes skip a month or two.


Risky renters may require police intervention due to unruly behavior.


Bad renters can reduce the value of your rental and damage your reputation.


Some tenants may even engage in illegal activities in your rental homes!

We prefer to find and choose from multiple high-quality applicants, then apply our rigorous screening process to place the best fit into your property. 

  • With our comprehensive tenant screening, we can weed out the worst tenants.

  • Our skilled property managers find the best and prepare for the worst using a comprehensive screening system.

  • With a background check, criminal record check, credit check, and rental/eviction check, you are sure to have top-quality tenants staying in your homes when you enlist our Charleston property management company!

Although no system is perfect, it’s better than doing nothing and hoping you’ll get acceptable renters.

Aggressive Marketing and Advertising Services

Our approach reduces vacancy times for rental properties.

No one goes into the rental investment property business if they think their property is going to sit empty. Whether you’re just starting as an investor or someone moves out and your property becomes vacant, you want to make sure that your property stays occupied.

This can be a full-time job—which is why having a Charleston property management company that is familiar with the market is a wise move.

  • At Charleston Property Company, we use aggressive marketing tools and methods to make sure your properties get rented out quickly and for the right price.
  • We understand that an empty home is lost revenue for you, so we work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen with our Rental Guarantee!
  • How do we accomplish this goal? We use the MLS, popular websites, and social media to make sure your properties get the most exposure.
  • We also boost listing appeal by taking professional photos of your home and creating a video walk through.

We also know that many times, property investors lose money because they price their homes too high (no one rents) or too low (income loss every month); we're here to help you get to the best competitive rate. To help attract the best renters quickly, we help you set the right price for your home by doing a detailed, competitive market analysis


Financial Accounting Services

We handle the numbers for you.

You don’t have to be a licensed CPA to own investment properties as long as you have the best Charleston, SC, property management company working for you! With all the income and expenses coming in and going out for each property in your portfolio, there is a lot of paperwork to handle. Additionally, property owners need proper documentation so that tax time will be a breeze.

It’s best to leave this to the professionals! Some of the services you can expect us to complete for you include:


Monthly and annual accounting statements


Maintain rent and security deposits in a trust account


Manage bills by disbursing funds electronically and deducting expenses


Collect all rental payments on time


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