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How to Make Your Charleston Rental Property Attractive to Millennial Renters

As a group, millennials are moving away from homeownership and towards renting. The amount of people under the age of 35 who own a home recently dropped 20%, and that same group saw an increase in renters by a factor of 4.1% between 2009 and 2017. While some joke that millennials are all living...

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Why Your Charleston Rental Property Needs Thorough Pet Screening Policies

With the popularity of policies that ban pets from rental homes in Charleston, you may be surprised that 72% of renters own pets. By banning all basset hounds, Bengals, and Balinese, you are automatically either eliminating 72% of your potential market or forcing renters to choose between your...

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Why Routine Maintenance Matters for Your Mount Pleasant Investment Home

Do you know how to repair a damaged wall in your rental property? When it comes to the upkeep for your investment home, landlords have to handle tasks like these more often than you think!

Some landlords are handy with tools and DIY "know-how." They can handle small maintenance problems that...

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How Does a Rental Analysis Help Your Charleston SC Investment Property?

Your success as a landlord depends on making money from your rental property. To generate the right amount of profit, you have to understand the value of your property and the factors that work together to set your property up for success.

Where do you start? You might have heard us mention it...

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How Much Does Property Management Cost?

Today we are talking about how much professional property management services cost. These expenses are pretty simple to understand and they break down into three fairly common fees that you will find with most management companies. Today, we’re explaining them.

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How to Choose Between Property Management Companies

There are a lot of different property management companies out there that specialize in many different things. Today, we’re providing some criteria to think about as you’re choosing who to work with.

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Should I Use a Property Manager?


One question we get a lot is – can I manage my own rental property, or should I hire a property manager? It’s perfectly fine if you are able and willing to manage your own rental property. We’ve come up with a list of 10 basic skills you will need to master if you plan to manage your own...

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Why Should I Hire a Property Management Company?


It’s a simple question – what is property management? When you work with a property management company, it means that you as a homeowner are hiring an expert to represent you in all aspects of handling your property. There are a few specific topics that explain the work of property managers.

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Landlord 101: 5 Tips for First-Time Charleston Landlords

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Tips for Choosing the Landscaping of Your Rental Home in Charleston

Your rental home in Charleston can attract more interest with the right lawn and landscaping.
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