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What Rental Property Maintenance Is Your Renter Responsible For?

Out of the 62,000 homes in Charleston, SC, nearly 45% are rental properties. If you're a property owner in the area, you have the potential for a large and successful portfolio here. However, that also means you'll find yourself with plenty of side work if you handle all maintenance and repairs.

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Is It Time to Hire a Charleston Property Management Company?

Many property owners go back-and-forth about whether they want to hire a Charleston property management company. Some investors just feel more comfortable maintaining full control over everything that goes on with their properties. Others enjoy the rental business and their daily interactions...

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Property Owners Must Understand Charleston, SC Security Deposit Law

Protecting your real estate investment all begins with one simple tool: a security deposit. However, managing your approach to handling, storing, and dispersing that security deposit at the end of a lease (or whenever that lease ends) can quickly get complicated for your single-family homes and...

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The Best Property Managers in Charleston Help Grow Your Income

If you own single-family homes or multi-family rental properties in Charleston, SC, you may be wondering if it's time to work with a property management company in our area. If you found us through search engines or via social media, you may be wondering further why you should choose Charleston...

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Charleston Property Managers Keep Your Rentals in Compliance

The South Carolina property owner and renter laws stretch to over 10,000 words. Understandably, it can be intimidating to try and tackle the myriads of phrases, clauses, rules, sub-rules, and complex legalese—all just to make sure you remain in compliance with your rental property.

However, the...

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Should You Rent to Family? Tips From a Charleston Property Manager

Whether you love them (or can barely tolerate them), friends and family might suddenly appear when they find out you have a Charleston home for rent. If you bought a new house, and you're putting your current home up for rent, you might wonder if it's a good idea to let family members or friends...

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Stick to Your Lease! Tips From Charleston Property Managers

South Carolina rental properties are just empty homes without renters—but sometimes, your residents can be the most difficult aspect of being a successful property investor. While North Charleston rental homes require maintenance, sometimes keeping properties in excellent condition can seem...

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Setting the Right Rental Rate Starts With the Right Research

Did you know? There is a wrong rental price for your property. 

We don't want to stress you out, but setting the monthly rent for your North Charleston or Mount Pleasant investment properties as a property owner requires research and experience! Choosing a price that is not ideal for your rental...

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How Charleston Property Managers Get a Rental Property Ready to List

If you're eager to find a new renter for your empty Charleston, SC property, you still can't let a new resident move in until you handle a few critical tasks! The Makeready Process prepares your rental property for an eager new resident. It also sets the tone for the start of a beautiful, ...

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Find Good Renters With Help From a Charleston Property Manager

Good renters don't happen by accident! If you thought listing your Mount Pleasant or Johns Island property would bring a flood of honest, excellent renters to your door, you might be disappointed if you allow 'just anyone' who responds to your listing to move into your property. 

Without a...

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