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A Property Manager, Charleston Investors, Turns a Home Into a Rental!

Do you have plans to move into a different home—but you would prefer not to sell your current home? You're not alone: many homeowners are looking for ways to turn their current properties into rental income opportunities! Working with a skilled property manager, Charleston investors, helps turn...

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Leasing Charleston Property Fast With Charleston Property Managers

The longer a rental property remains vacant, the more money it's going to cost you. For example, if you have a mortgage and other expenses to pay on the property, having no renters for several months could create a financial nightmare.

Rental income is what makes holding property long-term...

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Grow Portfolios With Property Management Companies in Charleston, SC

When you work with property management companies in Charleston, SC, you suddenly have a hands-on partner to boost your portfolio!

Savvy investors know that they must fill their portfolio with a wide variety of investments. Not only does this strategy offer higher returns, but diversification....

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How to Protect Your Investment | Charleston Property Management Tips

Investing in property means more than finding high-quality renters and setting a rental price; it also means protecting that investment. In this brief overview, we'll discuss a variety of ways to protect your investment with tips from the best-of-the-best in Charleston property management! This...

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'Do I Need an LLC to Invest?' | Charleston Property Management Tips

If you're a rental property owner in Charleston, you may be wondering if you should form a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Forming an LLC means that you're structuring your business to protect you (the owner) from potential debts and liabilities. That way, no matter if you own one or several...

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Time to Require Renters Insurance! | Charleston Property Management Tips

Renters insurance policies are not only beneficial for the renter, but for the property investor as well. These policies are typically available with three types of coverage: personal property coverage, liability coverage, and coverage for additional living expenses. It isn't uncommon for...

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Property Management | Charleston, SC Landlords: Work With Your Renters!

You work hard to create good relationships with your tenants. Building lasting relationships helps you keep quality tenants who renew their lease! When you don't have to find new tenants every twelve months, your properties have a better ROI. 

What happens during a crisis? If you don't already...

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Property Management | Charleston, SC Landlords: Take Better Photos Now

If you've ever compared your cell phone pictures of a famous landmark or pretty sunset with professional photography, you know that professionals have an impressive array of skills. As a landlord, you might opt to save some time and effort by snapping listing photos yourself.

If you do this,...

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Property Management | Charleston, SC Homeowners Becoming Landlords?

Many people are reluctant to make significant financial choices during an economic downturn or uncertain times. Instead, they are focused on figuring out their next move when it comes to making a steady income that will support their lifestyle. However, at least a little risk is often involved...

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Property Management | Charleston, SC Landlords: You Can Still Succeed!

When those stock market numbers tick down for too many days in a row, all of us feel quite antsy. As business owners engaged in rental property, you feel the pressure to maintain your company through challenging economic times. When you consider what the word "success" means, you may worry that...

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