Rental Property Resident FAQs

Answers to your common questions as a rental property resident 

How do I change the contact information that I have given to you?

Your contact information can be updated online in your Resident Portal by clicking 'Edit' in the My Contact Information section.

How do I pay my rent?

Residents can make payments in a few different ways.

  • Payment can be completed online! Simply log into your Resident Portal, select Make Payment, and enter the necessary information.
  • Payment may also be mailed to: The Charleston Property Company, 1064 Gardner Road, Suite 214, Charleston, SC 29407.
  • Payment can be brought into the office at the address on our home page during business hours. We are open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.*

*Please note: Our hours and in-person availability may have changed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

How do I submit a maintenance request?

We recommend that residents complete their service requests online via their Resident Portal. The alternative would be to call in your service request to The Charleston Property Company. Requests can be made over the phone. An emergency number is supplied on the office voicemail during non-business hours.

How do I know if my maintenance issue is an emergency?

All maintenance issues are different, we ask that you use your best judgment in assessing whether the situation is an emergency or not. Below is a list of some of the general issues that may constitute an emergency.

  • Personal Injury: Contact 911 immediately.

  • Fire: Contact 911 immediately. Then notify The Charleston Property Company.

  • Flood: If there is flooding in your home, please call our office immediately.

  • Heat: If the heat in your home is not working, please call our office.

  • Water: If the water in your home is not working at all, please call your local water provider, and then contact our office immediately. If the hot water in your home is not working, please contact our office only if it cannot wait until the next business day.

  • Plugged Toilet: This is only considered an emergency if the plugged toilet is the only toilet in your home. Please try to use a plunger before contacting our office.

Do the homes that Charleston Property Company lists accept pets?

Every property is different because it depends on the preference of the homeowner. Most of our homeowners will allow pets with additional fees. Breed or species restrictions may be applied depending on the owner’s preference.

It is best to contact our office for detailed information on the pet policy for the home you are interested in.

I want a pet, but my lease doesn't allow it. Do I need to contact you?

Yes. You will need to contact our office before getting a pet. We will need to verify that the homeowner will allow you to have a pet. Once we verify that it is acceptable, you will need to sign a pet addendum and an additional pet fee may be required.

I want to live at this home! Now what?

If you are interested in a home that we have listed, the first step is to begin the application process. If the property currently allows showings, you may schedule a time to view it by visiting our Charleston Homes for Rent page. If you have any questions, you may contact our office at 843-737-6034.

How do I figure out my login information for the Resident Portal?

When on the Resident Portal Login page, you can click ‘Forgot My Password.’ This will take you through the necessary steps to request a new password. If it tells you that the login has failed, this means that your email is not recognized. Please remember that you must use the email address given to The Charleston Property Company when you applied. If you do not remember the correct email or you continue to have problems, please call our office during business hours.

It is during normal business hours and I have a maintenance emergency, what do I do?

Immediately call our office at 843-737-6034. Our office staff will promptly contact the necessary maintenance service.

My lease is ending soon. What do I need to do?

Prior to your lease ending, we will contact you regarding a possible lease renewal. If you choose to move out at the end of your lease, you are required to give a 30-day notice to The Charleston Property Company.

What do I use my Resident Portal for?

The Resident Portal can be used to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, contact your property manager, or view your leasing documents. You also have the ability to set up auto payments, view your payment summary, view previous maintenance requests, or change the contact information you have provided to The Charleston Property Company.

Can I see my property accounting online?

You will benefit from the advanced technology property management services provide when you work with us! This includes real-time access to your accounting.

You’ll be able to pull dozens of reports to see how your property is doing, as well as access copies of any related documents. You can even see when your tenant paid their rent the instant we post the payment.

If I pay rent on the ____ of the month, but it does not come out of my bank until the next day, do I get a late fee?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late at Noon (12:00 PM) on the 5th. Please note this timeline includes weekends and holidays.

Why will you not take any work orders over the phone?

We ask that you submit maintenance requests online to avoid confusion and ensure we have a clear record of your request. When making a request, be as specific as possible about the problem.

How do I terminate my lease without paying any fees?

The duration of your rental agreement is fixed and specified in the lease agreement. Policies regarding early termination are indicated in the lease agreement.

What are some typical charges applied to my security deposit?

Residents at Charleston Property Company benefit from a hassle-free move-in experience with our innovative Rhino Insurance offering. Instead of a large upfront security deposit, tenants pay a small monthly fee, making securing your next rental home more affordable. Rhino ensures quick and easy access, with personalized policies in under 60 seconds, tailored, affordable pricing, and no upfront fees or letters of credit required. This alternative allows tenants to avoid significant upfront costs, offering flexibility as it's always an option and never a requirement. In the event of damages or unpaid rent, Rhino protects property owners like a traditional security deposit, ensuring a secure and accessible rental process for tenants.

How do I give you my forwarding address?

Your forwarding address can be provided to us by emailing prior to your move-out. We will also send you a reminder by email as it gets closer!

If I move out early and surrender keys, do I need to keep utilities on in my name until the end of the lease?

Residents are bound by all terms, conditions, and obligations of the lease agreement, including the cost of utilities, until the lease expires.

When is my rent late?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late at Noon (12:00 PM) on the 5th. Please note this timeline includes weekends and holidays.