When you seek out property management services in Charleston, you might be looking for one of many kinds of help. You are a landlord looking to offload some of your workload, leaving you more freedom for the things you want to be doing!

However, you might not know just how much of the work a property management company is equipped to handle. If you know your property's intimate needs, you've probably pinpointed which areas always require a bit more effort. Maybe your rental requires considerable work in maintaining its appearance and functionality, for instance, but not so much time focused on getting tenants to live there. Most landlords find at least one element of the work that takes longer than they expected. This makes working with seasoned and flexible property management professional crucial when moving forward.

However, it helps to know what kind of services property management experts even offer! Why not get to know the best available services and how they help you as a landlord? This will allow you to pinpoint precisely which property management partner is a great fit for you based on the services they provide.

Property Marketing

You know that the rental property you've chosen is a great one—but does your local rental market know? They often need convincing: they want to see wonderful, professional photos, great listing descriptions, and they don't want to dig through many websites to find your information. Property management services in Charleston can help you reach the hard-to-find great tenants you're looking for. They've been paying attention, and they have the tips and tricks you need.

From hiring real estate photographers to quickly and expertly take the photos you need, to perfecting the short, impactful description of your rental, they've got you covered when it comes to describing your property well. Then, they'll use their extensive experience to make sure that you're advertising in all the places you need to be—and not wasting time or money on rental listing locations that don't return great applicants.

Property managers are specialists by trade; the best of the best will have nailed down their Charleston-area advertising skills to quickly find exactly the tenants you're looking for.

Tenant Screening 

While finding excellent tenants is really important, a great property management services company won't stop there! They aim for multiple high-quality applicants and then institute a rigorous tenant screening process. After all, a tenant who is charismatic and interesting may still be a tenant who has a spotty rental history or an ideal tenant: you simply don't know if you don't screen.

Your property manager knows that the goal is to find a tenant with the right qualifications, whether from being able to keep his or her word through verifications, to having clean reports from their landlords in the past. This process may seem unnecessary if you've been blessed with great tenants in the past, but it only takes a couple of bad experiences to realize how valuable this screening work can be! Great property management services in Charleston will include tenant screening. The right property manager will be happy to tell you all about what they'll do to check your rental applicants' history.

Rent Collection 

Many landlords remember the days when everyone brought a separate check to the rental office, or when you'd worry that a check got lost in the mail if rent was late one month. A major service that a property manager can provide for you to avoid these issues is the ability to collect rent online.

An online rent collection portal, run by your property manager, helps in various ways.

  • The money is instantly deposited, rather than you having to make trips to a bank.
  • There are often options for reminding tenants about the rent being due, and it enables you to accept more payment methods than just checks.
  • Having your property manager in Charleston collect rent for you is a great way to save time while still keeping your cash flow strong.

Even if you prefer checks still, your property manager may have additional benefits to working with their online payment portal that they can share with you!

Tenant Management

This umbrella term covers a lot of elements that property management services in Charleston manage.

  • A property manager is often the first line of communication, so they might be the ones who talk to a tenant and help them understand the rent payment cycle, the rules of the property, and any other questions they have.
  • Over time, tenant management involves talking to tenants who have received complaints or violated a policy, achieving an equitable and fair resolution to the situation.
  • Tenant management can also involve checking with tenants who are good candidates for renewing their leases in time to not have to readvertise the property if you successfully get them to sign up again.
  • Lastly, tenant management can include handling the frustrating need for eviction when a tenant hasn't paid rent and hasn't been able to stick with a payment plan to get back on track.

Eviction, in particular, is a lengthy and expensive process, and many landlords feel relief when they can let the experts in property management handle the proceedings and the connections with the tenants, rather than having to do that kind of work themselves. 

Property Maintenance and Repair

Your rental property is a source of pride for you, and most rental property owners want their investment to continue bringing in revenue for many years to come. Rather than having to keep the exterior and interior of your property looking great yourself, find a great business offering property management services in Charleston to handle those elements.

Yes, some people love to DIY, but that can get time-consuming and be surprisingly expensive if you have to purchase specialized tools to do the work. Property managers cultivate a strong network of high-quality maintenance and repair staff, finding the people they can rely upon and using their services across a variety of properties. You may find that you get better service for less money when you work with a property manager versus finding repair professionals yourself!

Fielding Calls and Managing Communication

One of the more varied aspects of being a landlord is managing communication, whether it's phone calls from interested potential tenants or existing tenants who have an urgent repair need.

Many landlords have a harder time relaxing, knowing that they could have to pick up the phone at any moment and put out a business-related fire. By working with a property manager, you get someone else to take those calls and handle all communication with tenants, as long as that is what you want.

Your property manager can tailor what elements they share with you versus what kinds of issues they handle themselves—and you'd be surprised how much peace of mind comes from letting a trusted partner handle the phone lines instead of having to do it yourself.

Not sure where you can find all of these property management services in Charleston under one roof? Your search is over! With Charleston Property Company, you are in the driver's seat for your landlord business, steering your company toward growth. Think of our property management team as your pit crew, making sure that everything is working well and that your tenants are happy and well-cared-for. Landlords who trust Charleston Property Company receive all of the above services—and you can too!

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