The Wrong Tenant: What are Some Warning Signs of a Poor Tenant?

January 02, 2024 | By Charleston Property Company
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When renting out properties, one of the most important decisions property owners make is choosing their tenants. The wrong tenant can cause you major problems, from not paying rent on time to damaging the property and disrupting the lives of other renters, leading to unwanted costs and wasted time. 

It's essential to watch for warning signs that a renter might not be the perfect match for your rental property.

In this blog post, we'll go over some signs of a difficult tenant and discuss why it is crucial to look out for these renters.

So, keep reading to learn from the experts here at Charleston Property Company about how to avoid bad tenants and protect your investment property.

Asking For Discounts On Rent

One of the first red flags that may indicate a potentially poor tenant is when they immediately ask for discounts on rent. 

While it's not uncommon for tenants to negotiate the rent, especially in markets where rental demand is low, frequent requests for discounts or pleading financial difficulties from the beginning can be a sign of financial instability.

Accepting a tenant who asks for discounts can lead to financial losses for you as a property owner. 

If a tenant fails to pay their rent on time, your cash flow becomes inconsistent, which could disrupt your ability to cover mortgage payments, maintenance costs, or other property-related expenses. 

Moreover, a tenant's disregard for your regulations, as evidenced by their immediate requests for rent discounts, can indicate potential future issues. They may not respect other rules established, such as property care, maintenance guidelines, or noise restrictions, creating an unpleasant environment for other tenants and possibly deteriorating the property's condition. 

A tenant with this behavior might find themselves in a cycle of late rent payments, leading to accrued late fees, a strained landlord-tenant relationship, and eviction. This situation can cause tremendous stress and uncertainty and even result in a poor rental history that makes it difficult for the tenant to secure housing in the future. 

Have a History of Eviction

When screening potential tenants, it is crucial to consider a history of eviction, which is a red flag. 

Evictions typically arise from consistent non-payment or serious lease violations, indicating a lack of respect for rental agreements. This behavior can result in financial loss and potential damage to your property. 

Therefore, conduct a background check, including an examination of previous rental history, credit scores, and references from previous landlords, to avoid inheriting the challenges of a problem tenant from a previous landlord. 

It's beneficial to communicate openly with prospective tenants, clearly outlining your expectations and the terms of the lease agreement, to establish a mutual understanding and promote a positive landlord-tenant relationship.

Lack of Steady Employment

Frequent job changes without a reason can raise concerns about their financial stability and cast doubt on their commitment to a long-term rental agreement. 

It's important for tenants and landlords to be transparent with one another to instill trust that the tenant will be a reliable occupant.

Applicants can provide references or recommendations from previous employers to vouch for their work ethic, reliability, and ability to successfully navigate transitions. 

These testimonials can serve as tangible evidence of their commitment and capability, reinforcing that their job changes were not indicative of any performance issues or concerns about their ability to fulfill their obligations.

Poor Credit

Poor credit history is another major factor that can signal potential issues with a tenant. 

Generally, a low credit score is often a result of consistent late payments, unpaid debts, or bankruptcy. These are serious financial concerns that can indicate an inability to manage personal finances responsibly and may reflect a potential risk in maintaining regular rent payments. 

Of course, there are instances where a tenant may have a valid explanation for a bad credit score, such as unforeseen medical expenses or a temporary loss of income due to a personal emergency. 

However, a poor credit score can be a warning sign of a tenant who may struggle to meet their financial obligations. 

It is advisable for property owners to run a credit check before accepting any new tenants to gain a clear understanding of their financial history and ability to pay rent consistently.

A criminal background check, steps for avoiding bad tenantsCriminal Record

A prospective tenant with a criminal record is a significant concern that needs careful consideration. A criminal past doesn't necessarily make someone a bad tenant, but it can indicate potential risks depending on the nature and severity of the crimes committed. 

For instance, a history of violent offenses or property damage could pose a risk to your property or other tenants. 

Certain types of crimes, such as drug-related offenses or fraud, could potentially lead to illegal activities on your property, implicating you as the property owner and even resulting in legal trouble. 

As mentioned, run a thorough criminal background check on all potential tenants. If a criminal history does surface, assess the nature of the crimes, how long ago they were committed, and whether there's been consistent lawful behavior since then. 

Lack of References or Negative References

Another warning sign of a potentially troublesome tenant could be the lack of references or poor references from previous landlords.

References can provide valuable insights into the tenant's behavior, reliability, and respect for rental properties and agreements. If a potential tenant is unable or unwilling to provide references from previous landlords, this could signal an attempt to hide a negative rental history.

On the other hand, negative references that report late payments, property damage, or conflicts with neighbors are clear indicators that the tenant could cause issues in your property.

The Costs of a Bad Renter

Having a bad renter can have detrimental effects on property owners. 

One of the concerns is non-payment or consistently late payment of rent, which can impact the cash flow of property owners, leading to financial difficulties and potential struggles to cover mortgage payments or other property-related expenses. 

Additionally, a tenant who fails to respect the rental property can cause significant damage, resulting in additional expenses for repairs or even complete destruction of the property. 

This leads to a complete loss of income and poses a significant burden on property owners to find suitable remedies for the damage incurred. 

Dealing with problematic tenants can be emotionally and mentally taxing for property owners, as it may involve navigating legal procedures and dispute resolutions, consuming valuable time and resources. 

Lastly, a bad tenant can create a nuisance for other residents sharing the property, constantly complaining about trivial matters that may not require attention or can be easily dismissed. Such behavior can disrupt the peaceful living environment and cause unnecessary stress for property owners and tenants. 

Hire a Property Management Company to Avoid These Costs

Hiring a professional property manager can be an effective strategy to avoid problematic tenants and the associated costs. 

Property managers bring a wealth of experience in tenant screening, effectively discerning between potential good and bad tenants. They have access to comprehensive background check tools and the legal knowledge necessary to interpret the results, ensuring that only reliable and responsible tenants inhabit your rental property. 

Property managers can also handle lease negotiations, establishing clear and enforceable guidelines that all tenants must abide by thus preventing potential misunderstandings down the line. 

This includes setting clear expectations for rent payment, property care, and behavior, which can help to prevent issues before they arise. 

Finally, property managers provide regular property inspections to ensure that the tenants are keeping the property in good condition and adhering to the terms of their lease. This proactive approach can help to identify and address potential issues early before they escalate into serious problems. 

Happy woman with a tablet, avoiding the hassle of having bad tenants with property managementWork With Charleston SC Property Management to Avoid Difficult Tenants

Being a property owner can be rewarding, but finding the right tenant can be daunting. By watching for warning signs, property owners can avoid making costly mistakes. 

It's critical to screen thoroughly during the application process, and if red flags persist, move on to the next applicant. With time and due diligence, finding reliable and long-term tenants can bring tremendous benefits to your rental property investment.

Our team here at Charleston Property Company has the experience and expertise to help you navigate the rental market successfully. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive property management services for our clients, including tenant screening, lease negotiations, and regular property inspections. 

For more help finding the right tenants for your investment property, download our free Tenant Screening Checklist today!


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