Severe Weather and Your Rental's Roof: What Charleston SC Investors Need to Know

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Rental property maintenance includes the roof! It might be something you dread to inspect, but the roof is one of the most critical elements of a Charleston SC rental property. Maintaining the roof in excellent condition helps keep renters and their belongings safe while protecting your investment property.

However, because of the weather extremes endured by rental properties here in this area, staying on top of roof repairs and recognizing damage can be challengingif you don't work with one of the best property management companies in Charleston SC.

Roofing structures can take more of a beating than investors realize, especially if you own rental properties in this area while living out of state. Here's what investors need to know about severe weather and monitoring the condition of rental property roofs!

Ceiling Water damage

Damage Often Starts With Weather

Whenever there is a significant weather event, it is typically the roof that takes the brunt of the damage. Charleston SC, typically sees some precipitation one out of every three days from December to February—and it occasionally dips below freezing. From May through November, it's tropical cyclone season, bringing strong winds, rain, and hail to the area. 

It doesn't take much of an opening for ice to form under loose or displaced shingles and significantly damage a roof. With high winds and rainfall, small cracks around shingles can lead to significant water damage inside a rental property. Without checking your roof and promptly taking care of damage (large or small), real estate investors risk more substantial repairs and costs down the road. 

Roof damage leads to water leaks, pest infestations, rot, mold, and mildew. Even the best renters won't stick around to deal with these issues when a property owner delays roof repairs. However, we understand that dealing with roofing issues isn't how most investors want to spend their time. With one of the best property management companies in Charleston SC, you don't have to deal with it at all!

Don't DIY Damage Assessment or Repair

After a storm, it's wise to check the roof for damage. However, unless you have the experience to recognize potentially damaged areas of your roof, it can be dangerous to get a ladder and climb onto the roof on your own.

To effectively evaluate the condition of the roof, a professional should:

  • Get off the ladder and walk the entire roof
  • Feel for loose shingles
  • Inspect closely for cracks or missing shingles and roof flashing
  • Crawl into the attic and look for damage underneath the roof

Sometimes critical damage is hard to see. It's easy to overlook small cracks or assume they aren't an issue. Minor problems can also compound into more significant issues with the next wind or hail storm that adds more damage to the current roofing problems. Without recognizing damage, your roof could become more hazardous without prompt, quality repairs. 

Whether you're a local investor or choose Charleston SC, from out of state, there's no need to make the rounds to inspect rental property roofs after a storm. Stay safe on the ground and let a property manager take quick action to inspect your rentals and let you know about any damage that needs attention.

Delays Can Affect Insurance Claims

We understand that in an area like Charleston SC, and the threat of damaging weather events every year, your maintenance budget might now allow for significant roof repairs every season. Delaying what might seem like minor repairs can feel like you're saving money. It might feel like a smart way to maximize your maintenance budget—until you try to file a claim with your property insurance carrier

Most policies only cover repairs or replacements based on a single incident. Collecting damage throughout several storms, then hoping the insurance company compensates you for a collect-all repair won't work. Investors risk paying more out-of-pocket after delaying repairs than when catching and addressing damage right away. In most cases, home warranties don't cover roof repairs, either. 

The right property manager stays on top of roofing issues to maximize budgets and minimize costs. We work with trusted contractors to make sure rental property owners don't deal with roofing scams or unnecessary repairs that waste time and money. 

Marked Hail Damage On A Roof

A Property Manager Handles Roof Maintenance

Protecting your property requires taking care of problems before they have a chance to get worse. The roof on your Charleston SC, won't fix itself, and ignoring even the smallest amount of damage can lead to serious problems and significant repairs. 

Choosing one of the best property management companies in Charleston SC means real estate investors never have to worry about the roof! After a storm, we inspect roofs and schedule repairs as needed to keep renters safe and protect investment properties from mold growth, water damage, and other roof-related issues.

If it's time to inspect the roof or schedule repairs, contact Charleston Property Company to learn how we can help!


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