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    Rent Rate

    What's the Right Amount of Rent for My Charleston Rental Property?

    Whether buying a new rental property or reviewing cash flow and income numbers for one of your current Charleston investments, how can you be sure you're charging the right amount of rent? Trying to guess a ...

    By Charleston Property Company

    Investing Insight From Charleston Property Management

    Despite 30-40 million evictions being predicted for the beginning of 2021, rent payment statistics for November 2020 were only down about 1% from last year, even with the effects of the pandemic on the ...

    By Charleston Property Company

    Turn That Spare Home Into a Rental With a Charleston Property Manager!

    Do you have plans to move into a different home—but you would prefer not to sell your current home? You're not alone: many homeowners are looking for ways to turn their current properties into rental income ...

    By Charleston Property Company

    Building a Payment Plan: Tips From Charleston Property Management

    As a Charleston property management expert, we know that property owners expect that renters sign their leases with the belief that they'll be able to pay their rent for all subsequent months—after all, these ...

    By Charleston Property Company

    When Renters Don't Pay, Use These Tips to Boost Rent Collection

    A variety of people have missed their rent recently due to the fact that they feel they cannot make ends meet; with millions of people out of work involuntarily, it's not surprising. The beginning of a ...

    By Charleston Property Company

    Tips on Minimizing Vacancy Periods (And Lost Profits) in Charleston

    Even with the most efficient property management company in Charleston, landlords will have to deal with vacancy and turnover—this is an even greater truism when you face vacancy alone. An empty investment ...

    By Charleston Property Company