Why You Need a Property Manager for Rental Eviction and Legal Services

April 18, 2023 | By Charleston Property Company
A rental management company helps property owners deliver eviction notices

As a rental property owner, managing evictions and legal proceedings can be daunting, especially if you lack experience and knowledge in this area. However, hiring a property management company with experience in rental eviction and legal services can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure the process is handled efficiently and effectively. 

Today we'll explore the importance of hiring a residential property management company to help you deal with bad renters, including helping you through the legal eviction process if it becomes necessary.

Eviction Is the Most Common Legal Issue 

Considering everything that "could" go wrong with a rental property, the need to legally remove a resident is one of the most common legal issues property owners face. While this should be unlikely if you are using a property management company that does comprehensive tenant screening, eviction still may occur. 

Therefore, it's important to be prepared to handle an eviction according to applicable South Carolina state laws. If things are not done correctly, it could result in a drawn-out legal battle, which is a more significant (and costly) problem for real estate investors.

What Is the Legal Eviction Process?

Before you change the locks or remove a resident's property from your rental, consult a property manager about the legal eviction process. Even if you're anxious to get a bad renter out of your home, it's never wise to go around the legal system. 

Evictions start by reviewing the lease and letting renters know about a violation, whether it's past-due rent or breaking a rule. Then, property managers advise delivering a legal notice that lets tenants know of their options to resolve the issue or vacate the property within a legally-specific amount of time. 

If renters still refuse to comply, it's time to file an eviction with the court system and let a judge deliver a ruling for a legal removal. 

Charleston, SC, property managers help protect rental properties

Property Managers Provide Essential Eviction Management and Legal Services

A reputable property management company in Charleston, SC, should be equipped to handle any eviction or legal proceedings that may arise. When choosing a company to help manage your rentals, make sure they provide at least the following three services. 

1. Knowledge of Local Laws and Regulations 

Eviction laws and regulations vary from state to state and are subject to change. A good property management company should have in-depth knowledge of local Charleston eviction laws and regulations, which can help to ensure that the eviction process is carried out correctly. 

A great property management company will be an expert in local laws and the processes and procedures to administer those laws on your behalf. If it becomes necessary to remove a renter from a property, your rental management company should understand how to involve your attorney and protect your properties and income throughout the process. 

2. Expertise in Handling Evictions

An experienced property management company should have a well-established eviction process designed to protect the landlord's interests while also following the law. In addition, they should be able to handle the entire eviction process, from serving the eviction notice to appearing in court if necessary.

With the right property managers, removing a renter should be a hassle-free experience for property owners. 

3. Legal Services 

Property owners must follow all local, state, and federal regulations concerning rental property operations. As such, legal issues can arise when dealing with properties, building codes, lease agreements, and tenants. 

The best rental management groups have the legal expertise to handle any legal issues that may arise during the eviction process. They should be able to help represent you in court and have access to a network of legal professionals or know how to connect with your legal team to ensure that your proceedings are handled efficiently and effectively.

Legal Help Impacts Your Bottom Line (and More)

The average eviction process can take up to 45 days, with some taking up to 90 days. A well-established property management company can handle the entire eviction process efficiently and effectively, saving you time and reducing stress. 

With a property management company handling the process, you reduce the risk of evictions drawing out for months, costing you time and money to replace a bad renter with a better one. 

Additionally, the cost of legal proceedings can add up quickly. A property management company can help reduce legal costs by having legal expertise on hand to coordinate with your attorney and make sound recommendations throughout the legal eviction process. They can also help you avoid lawsuits or other repercussions of handling an eviction the wrong way. 

The right property management company helps with rental eviction and legal services

What Can Happen With the Wrong Property Manager?

Not all property management companies are created equal. Here are three common errors property management companies often make if they don't have the experience or expertise you need. 

  • Lack of Local Knowledge: A property management company unfamiliar with local laws and regulations can make costly mistakes that could lead to prolonged legal battles and financial loss.

  • Poor Eviction Process: The wrong property managers may lack a well-established eviction process, which could result in errors that may lead to lost revenue and legal complications.

  • Inadequate Legal Support: A property management company that lacks legal expertise can be a liability in the event of a legal dispute. Without proper legal support, you may be vulnerable to costly legal battles that could drain your finances.

Putting your properties at risk with inadequate property management experience isn't worth it! When choosing a management company, make sure they understand the legal aspects of successfully operating rental properties. 

Choose the Right Rental Management Company to Help With Eviction

Charleston Property Company is an expert in handling legal problems and issues concerning evictions. We manage the necessary quit notices and provide tenants with the appropriate time to move out or resolve lease violations. If the tenant fails to comply, we file all the paperwork to start the eviction proceedings, eliminating the need for the property owner to worry about anything.

Residential rental property owners experience the ease of owning property investments when they work with an expert Charleston property management company! Reach out to our team to learn more about our services. 

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