Why Realtors Need Charleston Property Management for Investors

March 12, 2020 | By Charleston Property Company

Real estate agents work hard to ensure that they have the best solutions for their clients. This is even more true when a Realtor is selling to an investment property owner. After all, most people buy only one home for their permanent residence—but forming relationships with real estate investors will create a long-term connection that could yield you some incredible opportunities.

Even if real estate investor sales are new for you, you might be surprised by just how great it is to work directly with an investor on the hunt for his or her next real estate property. As an expert in Charleston property management, we know how important it is that investors pair with the right Realtors when it comes to adding properties to their portfolio.

To retain these working relationships with investors, you will have to take an active role in providing the solutions they need for their business to grow! A big part of that is being the right resource when they are looking for local property management. You know Charleston—likely even more than your investor-client does. Here are some ways to make sure that you can provide high-quality services that help you stand out from the competition.

Sell Directly to Real Estate Investors

As a Realtor, you obviously get satisfaction from helping a first-time homebuyer find their dream home. However, choosing to specifically target the local market of real estate investors fills an important niche! After all, you both stand to benefit: they need help knowing when an excellent potential rental property comes on the market. You, of course, want to get that property into the right hands for the right price.

When you get to know the real estate investors in your area, you can become a resource for them on trending neighborhoods, locations that are popular with area renters, and spots that are likely to appreciate if you do some rehab on hidden gems. When you work with the best in Charleston property management, you can help your clients narrow in even further on income-yielding properties. When you refer clients to an expert like Charleston Property Company, we run the numbers on potential investment picks for the landlords we serve to make sure they're profitable!

By solving a problem for your clients and helping them find the next right investment, you create a long-term bond that could yield you a stream of commissions over the years as you help developing real estate investment businesses grows. Plus, when you help investors successfully pick properties, your reputation grows too!

Partial view of man studying loan agreement and businesswoman using calculator while sitting at workplace with graphs and chartsPartnering With Property Managers Creates Turnkey Solutions

If you choose to partner with a local Charleston property management company, you'll quickly discover that you can make a name for yourself as a knowledgeable real estate agent. While some investors are interested in flipping homes, a variety of investors simply want stable income! It's the kind of income they can get by buying a move-in-ready home from you and immediately having a reliable property management company to turn to which keeps their property looking great

By finding a company like Charleston Property Company with whom to partner, you aren't just selling a particular investment property: you are selling a stable stream of investment income, with as much or as little time as the investor wants to put into it.

  • Your full-service property management partner can provide your clients with thorough tenant screening and placement services.
  • Plus, they can handle the daily ins and outs of running a property for them using their experience.
  • Many investors end up spending a lot of time managing their own properties, and their time is valuable.
  • If your investors are interested in hands-off management your inside partnership with a property manager could prove very helpful.

Hands with piggy bank and house modelInvestment Is Growing in High-Value Areas Like Charleston!

  • The fact is, even if you've run into a lot of owner-occupant sales and have made your real estate agent career that way, it is always valuable to diversify and expand on your skills.
  • As Charleston becomes a more and more desirable place to live, and as prices for homes rise, there are increased opportunities for high-value rental properties.
  • Diversifying and choosing to represent investing clients can offer you an additional source of valuable home sales, and this potential isn't likely to go away any time soon!
  • With the growth in various business sectors of Charleston, the market for rental investment property is likely to hold steady or grow—and this gives you a unique opportunity to capitalize and make connections.

Join the Realtor Referral Program Today!

If you're interested in how such a partnership with Charleston property management can benefit you and the clients you serve, learn more about our Realtor Referral Program!

At Charleston Property Company, we believe we offer the kind of property management services that you'd be proud to share with your clients who are interested in purchasing rental properties. As a sign of this goodwill, we also provide compensation for the Realtors who choose to entrust their clients to us. When it's time for them to buy another property—or sell one from their portfolio—we refer them back to you!

We believe that property management for investment properties can be an extension of the many valuable tools you use to assist your clients. When they are looking for someone to find and screen applicants, place tenants, and maintain the look and feel of the property, we're here to help! We believe that working together, we can meet and exceed the needs of the property investment community that is growing in Charleston, South Carolina.

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