New Realtor in Charleston? Let Charleston Property Management Help!

March 19, 2020 | By Charleston Property Company

Charleston Property Company is excited to welcome you to Charleston! Our city has a small-town feel at times, due to its rich history and friendly Southern hospitality—but there are amazing big-city amenities and opportunities here.

Even if you've been living here in Charleston for some time, transitioning into being a new real estate agent can give you a unique insight into the community and make you re-think what you thought you knew. As a Charleston property management company, we know a lot about the real estate market—and we have some suggestions for making your first few years as a real estate agent successful!

Charleston South CarolinaGetting to Know the Market

  • As any real estate agent will tell you, a great way to invest in yourself at first is to spend time getting to know the market.
  • Pore over the data about how homes are selling, whether they are becoming owner-occupied or rentals, and how fast everything is turning over.
  • Spend time walking in the neighborhoods, and pinpoint the location data that matters to buyers: where are the award-winning schools, the best green spaces, and the culture?
  • Which homes have convenient distances to shops and grocery stores?
  • Learn the importance of different public transit options and leverage how you discuss those locations based on walkability and lower transportation costs. 

Learning the market gives you multiple benefits: you can sell homes more effectively when you know their holistic strengths, but you can also help manage home sellers' expectations when you prepare them for the potential valuation of a property. As a professional Charleston property management company, we know that every extra bit of research not only increases your credibility as a skilled agent, but it helps you more effectively meet your clients' needs.

Networking With Others in Related Industries

  • It never hurts to know others in the area: from contractors to lenders, knowing the people in the area that do the best work can be helpful.
  • Joining organizations like BNI's South Carolina Lowcountry chapter can help you get face-time with the movers and shakers here in the community so that when they run into someone in need of a real estate agent, you are more likely to get the business.
  • This networking can take place through community involvement, such as serving on volunteer boards or participating in projects, where your visibility speaks volumes for those who are looking for a committed and ethical real estate agent.
  • Every time you can be out in the community, doing something positive or helping others, you are connecting the dots and making it possible to offer quality service to your clients.
  • As you get to know trusted contractors, lenders, and Charleston property management professionals, you'll have recommendations that help your clients know where to turn.

For the next step in their homebuying journey, whether they look to have a remodel done or are still looking to finance the home itself, you can be an expert they trust based on your connections! Knowing these people connects the dots, builds your brand, and readies you for any question people can throw at you. 

Building Word-of-Mouth Trust

  • Through your first few sales in Charleston, you're going to want to emphasize that you are always looking for more clients.
  • When someone has a good experience buying a home or investment property with you, they will be more likely to share your information with others.
  • Make it easy for them to do so: tag them in social posts about successful sales, offer them cards or brochures to share with friends and family, and offer to meet with anyone they want to send your way.

This word-of-mouth recommendation can be more powerful than really wide-reaching advertising, though you may also want to pay attention to what kinds of locally-focused advertising are popular amongst other real estate agents. A combination approach, where your word-of-mouth referrals combine with widespread brand visibility, can yield booming business long-term. 

Charleston, SCJoin Referral Programs Offered by Charleston Property Management

While you may start selling homes to those who plan to owner-occupy them, there's no reason not to be open to selling investment properties as well—especially in a hot market like Charleston. When you make these sales, your clients may turn to your expertise for a variety of advice—but one thing they are likely to ask is whether there is a Charleston property management company you can recommend.

Charleston Property Company makes it easy to recommend a property manager; our experience is why we have such low vacancy rates, exceptional tenants, and satisfied clients. We created the Realtor Referral Program because we benefit from partnering with real estate agents who are passionate about providing the best service.

In return, we want our great service to boost your reputation as you get started in the Charleston real estate market! We believe our quality service will impress your clients and make loyal customers out of them—for you and us both! Having a go-to referral for these investors makes you appear prepared and poised. If they sign up to work with us, you even receive compensation as a thank-you for sharing our name.

Ready to learn more? See how our Realtor Referral Program benefits you and your clients when you work with expert property management in Charleston!

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