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What to Look for When Investing in Rental Property Real Estate in Charleston SC

If you're thinking of getting into the rental property business, it can be hard to know if you have your eye on a suitable property or not. Even if you've been a landlord for a while, it's not always easy to know a good investment versus a bad one. 

The wrong investment property can be more...

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How Much Does Property Management Cost?

Today we are talking about how much professional property management services cost. These expenses are pretty simple to understand and they break down into three fairly common fees that you will find with most management companies. Today, we’re explaining them.

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How to Choose Between Property Management Companies

There are a lot of different property management companies out there that specialize in many different things. Today, we’re providing some criteria to think about as you’re choosing who to work with.

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Should I Use a Property Manager?


One question we get a lot is – can I manage my own rental property, or should I hire a property manager? It’s perfectly fine if you are able and willing to manage your own rental property. We’ve come up with a list of 10 basic skills you will need to master if you plan to manage your own...

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Why Should I Hire a Property Management Company?


It’s a simple question – what is property management? When you work with a property management company, it means that you as a homeowner are hiring an expert to represent you in all aspects of handling your property. There are a few specific topics that explain the work of property managers.

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Why Work with Charleston Property Company?

Today, we are talking about why you should choose Charleston Property Company to manage your rental properties.

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