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Building a Payment Plan: Tips From Charleston Property Management

As a Charleston property management expert, we know that property owners expect that renters sign their leases with the belief that they'll be able to pay their rent for all subsequent months—after all, these costs are not a surprise. However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has upended many...

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When Renters Don't Pay, Use Tips From a Rental Property Manager, Charleston!

A variety of people have missed their rent recently due to the fact that they feel they cannot make ends meet; with millions of people out of work involuntarily, it's not surprising. The beginning of a significant economic upheaval is difficult for many people, and making choices for how and...

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Market Your Rentals With the Right Charleston Property Management Services!

Property managers have some clear benefits to an investor:

  • They have a network of maintenance and repair vendors that they can access for needed repairs on any property
  • They keep an eye on what updates and modifications do well in your market and can recommend rehab projects
  • They are great at...
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Should You Hire Charleston Property Management? 4 Questions to Ask

There are many factors to consider when seeking excellent Charleston property management. One of the biggest concerns on the minds of many landlords and property investors in the Charleston area right now is the effect of COVID-19 on their business and their residents. While this is the issue of...

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Announcing the Realtor Referral Program From Charleston Property Management

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Charleston Property Company has chosen to partner with real estate agents in the Charleston area in order to create maximum value for clients of both real estate agents and Charleston property management firms alike!

  • With the booming market for investment properties in...
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New Realtor in Charleston? Let Charleston Property Management Help!

Charleston Property Company is excited to welcome you to Charleston! Our city has a small-town feel at times, due to its rich history and friendly Southern hospitality—but there are amazing big-city amenities and opportunities here.

Even if you've been living here in Charleston for some time,...

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Realtors: Charleston Property Management for Investment Properties Is Crucial!

Real estate agents work hard to ensure that they have the best solutions for their clients. This is even more true when a Realtor is selling to an investment property owner. After all, most people buy only one home for their permanent residence—but forming relationships with real estate...

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Can Charleston Property Management Help Grow Your Business as a Realtor?

As an established Realtor looking to continue expanding your business, you want to take advantage of the opportunities that arise to create excellent value for your clients! While many Realtors do try to manage their own Charleston property management wing on top of their daily responsibilities,...

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What to Look for When Investing in Rental Property Real Estate in Charleston SC

If you're thinking of getting into the rental property business, it can be hard to know if you have your eye on a suitable property or not. Even if you've been a landlord for a while, it's not always easy to know a good investment versus a bad one. 

The wrong investment property can be more...

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How Much Does Property Management Cost?

Today we are talking about how much professional property management services cost. These expenses are pretty simple to understand and they break down into three fairly common fees that you will find with most management companies. Today, we’re explaining them.

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